Briana Trudell currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her mixed mutt, Django and tiny kitty, Lottie Mae. She studied photography at Grand Valley State University and is a visual person to her core who is constantly thinking about the images she is surrounded by on the daily—Who? Why? How? This? Her work often challenges viewers conceptions of photography in both form and function, often working in the installation format. Briana enjoys making things for people to look at so they can think: “Who? Why? How? This?” Much of her work is introspective and reflects on ritual and loss and her hope is that it causes people to reflect on their rituals and maybe the things that get lost in those. 

When she is not at her 9 to 5 or making things, she likes to dance around her home with Django and Lotts to RuPaul and other amazing tunes, enjoy food and beverages with friends, play games, and/or read comic books. She is a passionate advocate for public libraries and the services they offer to communities and thinks you should be too!