Duroplast - June 2018

a solo exhibition by Marat Paransky

Friday June 1st - 22nd, 2018

Join us on Friday, June 1st from 6-9pm for the reception of "Duroplast", hosted by Bend Gallery. This solo exhibition features works by Marat Paransky. The show corresponds with Avenue for the Art's gallery hop event First Fridays.

To view this exhibition after the public reception from Saturday, June 2nd through Friday, June 22nd email bendgallery@gmail.com.

About the artist: 

Marat Paransky is a sculptor, painter, photographer and mixed-media artist residing in Metro Detroit. He received an MFA in Visual Arts degree from the Lesley University College of A&D in Cambridge, MA. His work has been exhibited throughout Michigan, as well as in Fayetteville, AR,Boston/Cambridge, San Francisco and Windsor, ON. Marat’s work generally falls under the umbrellas of
two projects.

The focus of the first is on the nuclear power/weapons debate and it follows years of interest and research into the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters, as well as its ties to his childhood in Ukraine. In 2016, the Ministry of Medium Machines show at Kendall College of A&D in Grand Rapids, MI, featured the project in its entirety. 

The second series is not issue-specific and is more about chance and found objects/images. It takes the form of collage and assemblage, and there is often the inclusion of bits and pieces of Marat’s older artworks. Detroit’s Corktown Studios hosted Dolania americana in 2017. The latest cycle of the work, Duroplast, will be shown at Grand Rapids’ Bend Gallery in June 2018.


To experience our gallery after the reception, please email bendgallery@gmail.com to make an appointment.