Many Hands - July 2017

A Group Exhibition

Friday July 7th - Friday July 28th, 2017

The South Division corridor has a flourishing arts community and the co-owners of Bend Gallery, Madison Nicole May and Regina Masterson, wanted to add to its richness. However, creating a gallery takes many hands and a reservoir of knowledge and know-how. Relying on the collective power of the arts community of Grand Rapids, Bend Gallery was created. By providing affordable exhibition space and opportunities for community engagement, the gallery looks forward to contributing through multi-faceted programming that includes: Books at Bend book club, art and design workshops, and events geared towards professional artist development.

The first exhibition in the space, Many Hands, was a clear and easy answer for an inaugural event. May and Masterson were able to realize the new gallery space through space construction, hands-on building, business branding, and many more tasks required to open a gallery. All through the help of many friends, who also happen to be artists living and working in Grand Rapids.

amber bledsoe
michele bosak
james broe
e.j. cobb
matthew farrell
bj johnson
regina masterson
madison nicole may
james nantelle
alison palmateer
branden redmond
erin schaenzer
james sullivan
steven vinson
dayna walton

To experience our gallery after the reception, please email to make an appointment.